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    IWSA welcome

    Immigrant Women's Speakout Association is the peak advocacy, information/referral and research body representing the ideas and issues of immigrant and refugee women in NSW.The Association also undertakes community development projects and provides direct services including in the areas of homelessness, domestic violence and employment, education and training. Speakout is a community-based organisation, managed by women of non-English speaking background.


    In March 1982, 300 women gathered in Sydney to speak out publicly on issues affecting women of non-English speaking background. As a result of this landmark meeting, a working party was convened which led to the establishment of the Immigrant Women's Speakout association of NSW in 1985.

    Since then, Speakout has focused on key areas including education, employment and training, domestic violence, immigration, industrial issues, childcare, health, housing, legal issues, anti-discrimination, and issues of access and equity.

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